Since the beginning of high school I have had a crush on her. I just didn’t have the guts to tell her. But I kept trying to walk up to her and talk to her..face to face.
But every time I chickened out at the last second. It as a surprise that at the beginning of my junior year she kissed me in my car. I was stunned she did that..even more stunned when we kissed again 5-10 minutes later that same day.
For the next few weeks I was floating on air. Within the next few weeks I realized I wasn’t afraid to say anything to her…well almost anything. Some time after that I finally built up the nerve to ask her out. Even thought I had been told all these bad things about her I wanted her to be mine..but I got my nerve to late..she was taken. She wasn’t single anymore. Even though I lost my chance, I didn’t let my failure get to me. I knew that she liked him. I respected that and watched over her like she was family.NOTHING was more important to me than for her to be happy. ( it still is that important to me now.)
Many weeks later, I got a second chance to ask her..and succeeded but was denied and told, “..I just don’t know you well enough to go out with you.” With a loss of confidence. I backed off of the dating subject for a while. I devoted 90% of my free time to txt and talk to her, so we could get to know her better. The more we talked the more I liked her. After a few months had passed. I decided to ask her out on a “date” (or to hang out)at the movies one friday night. I was overjoyed to hear her say “heck yeah.” That night for me was…surprising and ended with a few kisses,holding hands and plenty of fun. Hopefully I can get my nerve back and ask her out soon…

….I hope she reads this…it would mean alot to me if she does…even if she doesn’t feel the same way right now ..